Soft Furnishing Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023

Soft Furnishing Trends You Cannot Miss in 2023

While the color palette of the season is out, there is still scope for additions to these gorgeous furnishing trends emerging in 2023. Some have returned from the 60s and 70s while some have been newly inducted to adjust to the new normal post-pandemic. The changing of trends took a while from 2020 due to the big gap in production, manufacturing, and availability of designs but the future is here and it is looking chic.

Warm browns are back

Neutral colors have been in and out of fashion for a while now and they seem to have made a comeback in a new look. Warm tones of brown are making their way into houses. The beige, cream, brown, and tan too, are pushing the gray tones out and making way for a sense of calm optimism and warmth. Even the sheer curtains or the window curtains are in pastels or warm browns.

Raw and natural materials have made it to the top

It started with the comeback of rattan in furniture and jute in textiles, but natural materials have a strong hold on the home décor industry. Starting with a linen curtain to the woolen rug and jute pillow covers, it is all making a huge difference. Apart from this marble, oak, and cotton have made their presence felt in furniture and upholstery too. The natural qualities of materials when devoid of any synthetic additions are being exploited and displayed.

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For a sustainable future

More people have become conscious of the materials being used in their homes and are opting for environmentally-friendly materials. People are making the changes they need to in order to save future generations from trouble. More people are moving towards sensors, solar-powered homes, drought-tolerant plants and landscapes.

Maximalist but modern

With the return of natural materials, layering of different colors, textures, patterns, and textiles is also becoming a common sight. People are opting to display their collection of art and are looking to fill spaces with meaningful and functional furniture. The spaces built around valuable pieces of art or unique concepts have become common. For a layered feel in the room, objects with different heights are also included. To give this feel, the furniture being used is more in amount.

Handcrafted elements make their way into homes

While the world came to a standstill, it allowed people to closely look at what they have been missing out on. The industry of handcrafted elements like pottery, handmade tiles, textiles, 3D art, and so on has boomed. Handcrafted items add texture and character to a room like no other. They can be conversation starters and a celebration of the artisan community. Right from small shops to high-end vendors have realized the value of handcrafted elements. You can incorporate this into your home in whichever way possible.

Preservation of history

While the evolution of home décor trends is inevitable, there is a focus on preserving furniture pieces in the coming years. A lot of millennials are holding on to vintage items passed on to them and making space for them in their homes. The theme and the rest of the room can be built around this and can make the room glow.

These trends are just starting out in 2023 and have more scope for evolution. There is no single right or wrong when it comes to home décor anymore. It is more about personal taste and style and how you can express it best in your safe space.